Who are we?

Welcome to MI7. We are brand story tellers. we entertain in order to sell. We believe a brand is a product with a story to tell. We are here to make sure your story is told well enough to lock the deal between the soul and the sale. We go wherever the story takes us regardless of the channel. We see creativity as the art of stopping human intelligence long enough to make money from it.


We stand for hard sell you love to watch. We are a learning organization constantly developing for collective IQ to maximize our value addition. Creativity for us is a mind game and we love playing it.




Should not be confused with MI7 founded in 1915 in London as a branch of the war office concerned with press publicity, and that allegedly continues to operate in the United Kingdom as a secret government department for investigation of the occult and supernatural. Although we are indeed involved with occult and supernatural acts of creation, we are by no means the same organization.